Dynamical Enhancement Technique for Geophysical Analysis of Remote Sensing Imagery





Villalón-Turrubiates, Iván E.

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Considerable progress has been made generally in the application of remote sensing tech- niques to both research and operational problems for urban planning and natural resource management. Modern applied theory of image processing is now a mature and well devel- oped research field, presented and detailed in many works. Although the existing theory offers a manifold of statistical techniques to tackle with the particular environmental monitoring problems, in many applications areas there still remain some crucial theoretical and data processing problems. One of them is particularly related to the extraction and dynamical analysis of physical characteristics (e.g., water, land cover, vegetation, soil, humid content, and dry content) for implementation in natural resources management (modeling and planning). The extraction of environmental physical characteristics from a particular geographical region through remote sensing data processing allows the generation of electronic signature maps, which are the basis to create a high-resolution collection atlas processed in time for a particular geographical zone. This can be achieved using a systematical tool for supervised segmentation and classification of the environmental remote sensing signatures that em- ploys multispectral remote sensing imagery based on pixel statistics for the class descrip- tion. Moreover, the analysis of a dynamical model of environmental characteristics extracted from a geographic region generates useful information for natural resource management; using the signatures map extracted from the remote sensing imagery for a particular geo- graphic zone in discrete time the evolution study of the environmental characteristics is performed to obtain the dynamical model of the physical variables. This provides a back- ground for understanding the future trends of the multispectral image. This chapter ex- plores the implementation possibilities of the multispectral image classification technique with the dynamic analysis for natural resources management applications.

Palabras clave

Remote Sensing Imagery, Image Interpretation, Multispectral Image Classification, Dynamic Model of Remote Sensing Signatures, Geophysical Analysis


I. Villalón-Turrubiates (2009). “Dynamical Enhancement Technique for Geophysical Analysis of Remote Sensing Imagery”, en Advances. In G. Jedlovec (ed.) Geoscience and Remote Sensing, In-Teh, pp.515-538.