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A Fixed Time Convergent Dynamical System to Solve Linear Programming

Show simple item record Loza-López, Martín Ruiz-Cruz, Riemann Loukianov, Alexander Sánchez-Torres, Juan D. Sánchez-Camperos, Edgar 2016-04-25T15:57:02Z 2016-04-25T15:57:02Z 2014-12-14
dc.identifier.citation Sánchez-Torres, J.D.; Loza-López, M.J.; Ruiz-Cruz, R.; Sánchez, E.N.; Loukianov, A.G., "A fixed time convergent dynamical system to solve linear programming," Decision and Control (CDC), 2014 IEEE 53rd Annual Conference on, Los Angeles, USA, 15-17 Dec. 2014, pp.5837,5842 es
dc.identifier.isbn 978-1-4799-7746-8
dc.identifier.issn 0191-2216
dc.description The aim of this paper is to present a new dynamical system which solves linear programming. Its design is considered as a sliding mode control problem, where its structure is based on the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker optimality conditions, and its multipliers are the control inputs to be implemented by using fixed time stabilizing terms with vectorial structure, based on the unit control, instead of common terms used in other approaches. Thus, the main features of the proposed system are the fixed convergence time to the programming solution and the fixed parameters number despite of the optimization problem dimension. That is, there is a time independent to the initial conditions in which the system converges to the solution and, the proposed structure can be easily scaled from a small to a higher dimension problem. The applicability of the proposed scheme is tested on real-time optimization of an electrical Microgrid prototype. es
dc.description.sponsorship Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología es
dc.language.iso eng es
dc.publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers es
dc.relation.ispartofseries IEEE Conference on Decision and Control;53rd
dc.rights.uri es
dc.subject Fixed Time Stability es
dc.subject Linear Programming es
dc.title A Fixed Time Convergent Dynamical System to Solve Linear Programming es
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/conferencePaper es
rei.revisor 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
rei.peerreviewed Yes es

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