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Enhanced Classification Model for Multispectral Observations from the Earth

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Mostrar el registro sencillo del ítem Villalón-Turrubiates, Iván E. Llovera-Torres, María J. 2019-01-10T17:41:16Z 2019-01-10T17:41:16Z 2018-10
dc.identifier.citation Iván E. Villalón-Turrubiates y María J. Llovera-Torres, “Enhanced Classification Model for Multispectral Observations from the Earth”, en ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences: ISPRS TC IV Symposium 2018 – 3D Spatial Information Science, The Engine of Change, Delft, Países Bajos, 2018, pp. 221-226. es
dc.identifier.issn 2194-9042
dc.description The image classification procedure to identify remote sensing signatures from a particular geographical region can be performed with an identification model that has the ability to use large datasets to reach an accurate result. This novel methodology is referred to as the Statistical Enhanced Classification algorithm, which has been developed to employ multispectral images based in the statistical supervised learning theory and can be used for applications in environmental monitoring and analysis. This paper presents the performance study of the proposed methodology using both, multispectral synthetic images and multispectral remote sensing images. The obtained results are accurate due to the use of several spectral bands, the use of statistics such as mean and standard deviation for the training classes and for the pixel neighborhood, which provides more robust information, and the decision-making rule that has the ability to decide if the pixel is not belonging to a predefined class, which leads to an accurate decision model. es
dc.language.iso eng es
dc.publisher ISPRS TC IV es
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dc.subject Identification es
dc.subject Image Classification es
dc.subject Image Processing es
dc.subject Remote Sensing es
dc.title Enhanced Classification Model for Multispectral Observations from the Earth es
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/conferencePaper es
rei.revisor ISPRS TC IV
rei.peerreviewed Yes es

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