Collaborative work outcomes in a L2 class: learners' attitudes towards collaborative work





González-López, María E.

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University of St Mark and St John



The main objective of this research paper is to inquire what learners' attitudes are towards working in a collaborative mode. Furthermore, what their modes of working preferences are in order to shape my classes design. For this purpose, learners who study English as a second language in a Mexican private university participated in a questionnaire and an interview. This was focused in three groups who were in A1 and A2 (CEFR) with forty-eight members through a period of six months. The findings showed that most of the learners prefer working in a collaborative mode when they are facing a difficulty due to their lack of vocabulary, for instance; when they are giving presentations in front of class. These learners expressed the importance of feeling supported and being acquainted to their peers. Whereas, a few number of learners claimed there were more advantages working in an individual mode. They assured that when they work in an individual mode they had more opportunities for insight of what they already learned and what they needed to correct. Moreover, they expressed their feeling disappointed when their peers did not have the same level of commitment to learning. Interestingly, findings showed their interest in incorporating games in their classes. Learners of the three groups described enthusiastically the game- type activities where they felt collaborative worked the best. The characteristics of these games were interactive, fun and helpful for learning.

Palabras clave

English Language Learners, English Language Teaching, Collaborative Work, Enseñanza del Inglés, Trabajo Colaborativo, Aprendizaje del Inglés, Teaching English


González-López, M.E. (2014) Collaborative work outcomes in a L2 class: learners' attitudes towards collaborative work. Master of Arts by advanced study in Education (special field: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), University of St Mark and St John.