Software methodology in HMI automotive projects using IEC 61131-3





Alcántara-Cadillo, Paolo R.

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The complexity of the development process of automotive instrument clusters that accomplishes with short development times, reliable functionality, flexibility, reutilization, quality and low prices is a challenging topic in today’s automotive companies such as Continental Automotive. Due to the multiple variants in design between projects around disciplines for cluster design, such as hardware, software, mechanical, testing and production methods, automotive companies’ efforts are intended to design the instrument cluster based on a common system platform, to accelerate the product development process with quality and a bounded budget. In the software side, the human machine interface (HMI), due to its inherent complex nature in modern instrument clusters, it is a topic with the potential to be designed with certain design patterns. In addition, following the V-cycle methodology presents problems because it provides a rigid and linear view of the software from management point of view rather than from software developers. If such patterns could be encapsulated with a design methodology to accelerate the product development, then the implementation time could be improved. In the hardware side, the automotive microcontroller with low level language tool support is the most common choice. However software development tools and languages for programmable logic controllers (PLC) present a shorter learning curve than using other low level programming languages, plus the advantage of abstracting the inputs and outputs of the system with high-level programming languages such as IEC 61131-3. The present document introduces a methodology that includes multiple rules to be used in the software design and development of human machine interface by using IEC 61131-3 standard for logic programmable controllers in an automotive instrument cluster project. Results of the methodology are presented showing an improvement in the software product development.

Palabras clave

V-Cycle, Automotive Cluster, Cluster Instrumentation, V-Cycle Software Methodology


Alcántara-Cadillo, P. R. (2017). Software methodology in HMI automotive projects using IEC 61131-3. Trabajo de obtención de grado, Maestría en Diseño Electrónico. Tlaquepaque, Jalisco: ITESO.