Optical properties of cubic AlGaN





Fanget, Stéphane
Bru-Chevallier, Catherine
Guillot, Gérard
Martínez-Guerrero, Esteban
Jalabert, Denis
Daudin, B.
Mariette, H.
Dang, Le Si
Ferro, Gabriel
Monteil, Yves

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Cambridge Journals



In this work we report optical characterization on several cubic c-AlGaN layers grown by MBE on SiC on Si pseudo-substrates, with different aluminum concentrations ranging from 0 to 70 %. Excitation power evolution of AlGaN photoluminescence (PL) spectra as well as reflectivity spectra allow to attribute PL peak to band gap recombination. PL energy dependence versus aluminum concentration is given. Reflectivity investigations are performed in the energy range between 1.5 eV and 4 eV on the samples. Theoretical calculations of multilayered structure reflectivity are fitted to experimental results, allowing an accurate determination of refractive index evolution versus Al concentration. From this analysis, qualitative information about interface roughness at AlGaN/SiC is also be derived.

Palabras clave

Cubic GaN, Photoluminiscence, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Reflectivity


Stéphane Fanget, Catherine Bru-Chevallier, Gérard Guillot, Esteban Martinez-Guerrero, Denis Jalabert, Bruno Daudin, Henri Mariette, Le Si Dang, Gabriel Ferro, and Yves Monteil, Optical properties of cubic AlGaN, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 693, (2001)