Addressing L2 learners' writing problems in a blended program, with specific reference to run-on sentences





DelRío, Marisol

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University of St. Mark & St. John



Research on writing processes in foreign language learning and the impact of providing certain kinds of feedback has been overlooked in the Mexican university system. However, it ought to be taken into consideration since writing is the most common form of communication at the tertiary level. This dissertation demonstrates how university-level EFL (acronym for English Foreign Language) students can be aided significantly in their writing process through the use of a marking code, particularly in relation to the problem of run-on sentences. This issue will be fully described in chapter 1. The study explores samples of students’ writing which were produced during a particular blended learning course. The same pieces of writing samples include a marking code adapted and implemented by myself in order to have the pupils reflect on their mistakes so that further improvements could be made. In addition, interviews were conducted with students who had effectively improved their scripts by using the marking code. The interviews are included in order to explore students’ feelings in regards to the code, their success in improving their writing and specifically the use of run-on sentences. The data yielded in this study demonstrate that a marking code can help students in a positive way as long as guidance is input from the teacher. This may motivate students towards an independent learning style which is currently emphasized in the EFL field. El uso de un código de corrección puede brindar una ayuda importante a estudiantes universitarios de inglés como lengua extranjera en su proceso de aprender a redactar de manera coherente y legible, particularmente en cuestiones de puntuación y delimitación de oraciones.

Palabras clave

English, Language Writing, Errors, Correction Code, Blended Learning, Inglés, Redacción, Errores, Código de Corrección, Aprendizaje Semipresencial, English Language Teaching, Enseñanza del Inglés


DelRío, M. (2014). Addressing L2 learners' writing problems in a blended program, with specific reference to run-on sentences. Master of Arts by advanced study in Education (special field: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), University of St Mark and St John.