Actors And Motivators In Open Innovation Platforms





Osorno-Hinojosa, Roberto
Ramírez-Vázquez, Delia
Gómez-Romero, Hilda
Ramírez-Vazquez, Ariadna
Juvera-Brooks, Andrea

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University of Economics and Humanities



The way innovation is know has started to change, shifting from a closed to an open approach. Open innovation has been creating new ways of working in innovation ecosystems, giving the actors more opportunities to obtain new tools, knowledge and more benefits by collaborating with other actors involved in the same network. These innovation ecosystems have their support on innovation platforms, which have different rules and protocols that describe the way interaction should take place. Based on this, this work is motivated in knowing why actors would participate in open innovation platforms. The approach for this paper is to define the motivators and interests of the actors–Government, Businesses and Universities–in their participation in open innovation platforms, as well as to represent how this can benefit them. A case is presented

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Ecosystems, Platforms, Open Innovation


Hinojosa, R. O., Ramírez Vázquez, D. D. C., Gómez Romero, H. S., Ramírez Vázquez, A. I., & Juvera Brooks, A. (2019). Actors And Motivators In Open Innovation Platforms. MIND Journal, (7), 1-19.