Bagazo de agave: estudio de caso como parte del principio de economía circular aplicado a la industria tequilera





Macías-González, César O.

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A research by using the methodology of case study in the field of circular economy applied to the tequila industry at Mexico in the Jalisco State is conducted in this investigation as an alternative solution to the non-sustainable traditional linear economic model. Therefore a sustainable production of tequila by using fuel form non fossil fuels requires a sufficient supply of biomass that have comparable energy magnitude in comparison with the value of combustóleo to feed the industrial boilers in that industry and it is found in the waste of agave called agave bagasse the main solid waste generated by the tequila industry in México, which in the year 2020 was a considerable volume of waste in the magnitude of 562.8 thousand of tons. This biomass from agave bagasse has a potential energy value of 17 to 19 MJ/kg which is comparable with the one from combustóleo, besides the positive effects about social, economic, and environmental aspects, in terms of greenhouse gases (GHG) the combustion of biomass from agave bagasse is neutral in comparison with the emissions from the fuel from origin fossil. Based on those arguments the applicability of the circular economy that is restorative, regenerative by design keeping and materials at their highest utility and value at all the times in the biological cycle is a sustainable solution to be applied in the tequila industry with huge potential to be replicable in similar agricultural sectors like sugar cane, rice, coffee, wheat, corn, etc.

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Bagazo de Agave, Economía Circular, Industria Tequilera, Biomasa, Estudio de Caso


Macías-González, C. O. (2023). Bagazo de agave: estudio de caso como parte del principio de economía circular aplicado a la industria tequilera. Trabajo de obtención de grado, Maestría en Administración. Tlaquepaque, Jalisco: ITESO