Space mapping optimization of microwave circuits exploiting surrogate models





Bakr, Mohamed H.
Bandler, John W.
Rayas-Sánchez, José E.
Søndergaard, Jacob

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IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech.;48



Apowerful new space-mapping (SM) optimization algorithm is presented in this paper. It draws upon recent developments in both surrogate model-based optimization and modeling of microwave devices. SM optimization is formulated as a general optimization problem of a surrogate model. This model is a convex combination of a mapped coarse model and a linearized fine model. It exploits, in a novel way, a linear frequency-sensitive mapping. During the optimization iterates, the coarse and fine models are simulated at different sets of frequencies. This approach is shown to be especially powerful if a significant response shift exists. The algorithm is illustrated through the design of a capacitively loaded 10 : 1 impedance transformer and a double-folded stub filter. A high-temperature superconducting filter is also designed using decoupled frequency and SMs.

Palabras clave

Design Automation, Microwave Circuits, Microstrip Filters, Optimization Methods, Space Mapping, Superconducting Filters, Surrogate Models, Electromagnetic Based Optimization


M.H. Bakr, J.W. Bandler, K. Madsen, J.E. Rayas-Sánchez and J. Søndergaard, “Space mapping optimization of microwave circuits exploiting surrogate models,” IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., vol. 48, pp. 2297-2306, Dec. 2000.